April 17th, 2007


Taxes are done! Yaaaaay!

Never gone down to the wire like this before, but I finished yesterday and mailed off last night. Amended returns for 2005 (a very important part of the W-2 did not get electronically sucked up into TurboTax last year, and the IRS informed me of that a few weeks ago. Yark). Payment for boo-boo on last year. Returns for 2006.

My printer and brain were busy this weekend. And a few stories got posted, in between. ;)

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Ficcing: Got cracking on my family_secret story, which is going well except that I'd probably prefer it to be a 900-word story (the initial draft would have hit that) and not the whatever-comes-of-meeting-the-1K-minimum. Some stories just want to be what they want to be, you know? Mine usually want to be short. Thank god I did not remotely consider signing up for the 20K Big Bang (Hi, clex_monkie89! Hi, plutogirl10!) I know myself too well.

So, tonight: new "House, M.D." Who will almost die this week? How many tries will it take before House rescues them instead of making things worse? Takers?