April 13th, 2007

Diner Dean

Even LJ quizzes don't play the way I want them too!

My SPN quiz results of the latest (gakked from wenchpixie): Collapse )

Did no writing last night-- spent time reading J-squared (just like the night before) :0 and suddenly it's bedtime and then some. Must get with it tonight! Have deadlines!

Thanks to the flap about "The Tudors" TV show, my husband came to me last week with a new issue:

HH: Is there a John Rhys-Davies and a Jonathan Rhys-Meyers?
Me: Yes
HH: *grooooaaan*

New fodder for the actor-confusion problem he already has.

Previously: William Hurd, John Heard, John Hurt. Less of a problem now that only John Heard gets work.
More recent: Bill Pullman, Bill Paxton, Will Patton. Sometimes he confuses Jeffrey Daniels with Bill Pullman. I do not know why.

Finished Velvet Goldmine (first time I've found Ewan McGregor hot), watched The Last Kiss a few weeks ago (my fluffy heart was depressed by the premise, and my husband even moreso), Zodiac was incredibly long yet an intriguing study of obsession , and oh-- we re-watched Shrek while on vacation (Donkey is still my favorite part of that movie).

Good weekend coming up? I'm unsure about mine...