April 12th, 2007


Ramblings of the Nervous

First, I must be one of the few SPN fans not flailing over the photos of Jensen's appearance for 10 Inch Hero. The redneck-beard thing and the piercings are a huge turnoff to me. I'm feeling cut off from the squeeage! Does look like he might be playing a character role, though, and I'm kind of a sucker for those.

Second, this week's House M.D.: Collapse )

Prison Break despair:Collapse )

Meanwhile, I need to get scraping on the Supernatural writing because there's a Sweet Charity story to be written, some challenges, and two birthday girls coming up (Hi, clex_monkie89! Hi, maygra!) and I don't want to fall down on that job. Send me good vibes, please. :)

And now? Off to bike in a veritable windstorm. :( With a Breath-Rite strapped to my nose (hey, at least I'm at my house. I'm too embarrassed to do that from the office). :0