March 27th, 2007


PB Awards squee, Sweet Charity followup, and the rest

Eeeeee! I did win some awards during the last Prison Break Fic Awards, including Best Slash Author and Best Slash Story (Icicle Palace). Also the T-Bag vs. Lincoln humor piece for Best T-Bag! This was a big thrill especially after not being nominated for Slash at all last time around, which was kind of heartbreak after writing so much of it.

I'm trying to balance excited with not being offputting with the squee, so how'm I doing? *squeeeeee~~~!*

The other horses I backed didn't do as well as I expected or wanted. gatheringlight did win for "Boyfriend" (best L/V)-- it was one of three really good stories that I nominated for that category. I was hoping to see ferrynheit's "Good Therapy" win in the Comedy/Crack section, and miss_mandy's "Vivid" (Best Villain nominee) and alazysod's "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" (Best Drabble nominee). Bunches of terrific nominations all around, but these were standouts in their respective categories.

Hope to post some banners up appropriately with their fics (I want to use the "Best Slash Author" banner for my Lincoln/Michael fic page, but I'll have to see if it can be revised first. It's not Slash right now, and is kind of the anti-Slash in fact.

On last night's Prison Break: Michael got dumber, Lincoln got hotter, T-Bag got more homicidal (this sounds exactly like last week so far, doesn't it?) But Mahone got less crazy, Sara wore too much eye makeup and was too distraught to part her hair like a grownup, and *sob* Kellerman did a 180 in his characterization in service of the plot. :(

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For Sweet Charity, I am owned! The tenacious monotonygirl won me in the Fic services bidding (I await her Supreme Orders now), and jasmasson won my Beta services in heavily contested bidding that would have been gold no matter who won-- anteka's Plastic Winchester Theatre, missyjack's Supernatural anything (porn, meta, drama, crack), callmetofu's Lincoln/Michael goodness, and jasmasson's J-squared and Supernatural stuff. There were no bad options there! Whoo!

In this week's Spam Email contest, I have these entries (the random comment spam for "Hawaiian cruise" to one of my fic entries doesn't count):
mildew one-night stand
plum drizzle
Urgh. I'll pretend I didn't see those, because I need my porn muse for pheebs1 right now. And good thing I don't really write Het... :0

Back to your regularly scheduled program, with 50% less Spam-botting of LJ entries from me compared to this weekend. I was a writing demon these last few days. :)