March 23rd, 2007

Sam & Dean Gen

SPN, Sweet Charity, and the usual random

Sweet Charity bidding ends tomorrow! I'm waiting to see who will pwn me after that-- I've got both a beta-reading and fic-writing offer up for sale. *anticipates*

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For some reason, that trip to inspired me to see who has my same birthday, and the answer is as usual: practically nobody!

Actually, there's more than I thought: John Lithgow (gah!), Evander Holyfield, and Ty Pennington (ack!), and Lionel Hollins of the NBA-title-winning Trailblazers team. On the flip side, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Walt Kelly died on my birthday. Otherwise, it's a neverending trip through the land of "Huh? Who are these people?" A lot of Eastern Europeans in those lists... I guess they've found a good way to handle those cold winters.

Now, the very next day is considerably busier: Rimbaud, Charles Ives (composer), Bela Lugosi (!), Art Buchwald, Mickey Mantle, Tom Petty, Viggo Mortensen, and it dies down after that except for Alona Tal, but seriously world-- WTF?

Well, that's me, I guess. Always slightly out of step! :D