March 9th, 2007


Presents From Thelana, and Friday Ramblings

May be kind of a spammy day, if I get my Meme-ing act together....

First, I got a package from thelana last night! "John Doe" Season 1, and "Northshore" (also with Dominic Purcell), and a gorgeous postcard of the palace in Vienna.

But the fabulously unexpected part of it was a 10-cent Euro coin with Botticelli's Venus on the back! \o/ I don't know how she came across that, but I was thrilled to get it. Scroll down to the E 0.10 display here to see it. Thank you, thelana! *huggles*

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Okay! On the plus side, I am now amused becase a co-worker just came by to discuss a Customer that wants to do a Feature-Rich implementation on several Feature-Free products! Whoo! We had a good chuckle about that one.

AND... a beatiful Venus coin waits by my home computer, where it will make me smile everytime I see it. ♥


What I Wrote In January And February

See, it's so late that I had to do two months at once! It also includs a couple of stories actually written in December for Prison Break, but which had to remain hidden until we were done with the Prison Break Fic Exchange author-reveal.

So by fandom and sub-type, here goes:

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Some stepping outside my box, obviously, but the downside is that regular readers are afraid of it. T-Bag seemed to scare T-Bag lovers and Gen readers alike, SPN Het scared almost everyone, and hardly anyone on my f-list would read the Sara fic (too afraid it was shippy if they were slashers, and I think too afraid it wasn't if they were shippy).

But, then again... stretching yourself is good for the sake of doing it, even if there's not a lot of audience for stepping "off brand." ;)