March 5th, 2007


Who What Where When Why...

Oh, what a weekend. Too much RL, and some worries about the PBFE deadline being a week away and (prior to a blastogram) not having any notion what 34 of the 40 authors were doing and whether they might finish on time. Feeling better now with so many updates.

On wank Friday (don't ask), the lovely musesfool started up a Love Meme in her journal. I was too late to comment for anyone there (never had LJ kick me out for an entry being over the comment limit before!), but mercurybard kindly posted my name up there. The comments you wonderful ladies left for me were so sweet-- they put such a big smile on my face, and I could actually feel that "down in the heart" tingling sensation we allude to when something "gets you right here." ♥ ♥ ♥ *happy sigh*

That was definitely the highlight of my weekend. :)

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Last thing: the first Vote-off Round of the Prison Break Fic Awards ends on March 7th, so if you haven't placed your votes, please do so soon!