February 14th, 2007


Happy Valentine's Day

Much, much love and virtual bouquets to everyone on my f-list and those kind souls passing through.

And thank you destina and super-secret-anonymous-to-all-but-me for the lovely virtual roses. *happy sigh* You are both so very, very sweet. ♥

My morning thus far has been spent battling with my new computer and a series of incompatible screens at work. Grrrr... This puts me behind on my spn_vday story that is due today! It is begun, but... *flails* Don't know if I'll make it. RL has been a little unpredictable lately, and I've lost some good writing time.

So what I've done instead, because I am impulsive sensible like that, is this: after reading all these "visit the Love Meme" posts and sneaking over to see the vast quantities of comments that my system will not remotely load in a timely way-- and remembering that there is ALWAYS this problem-- I have created instead a community to spread your love.

It's multi-fandom, just post an entry with your user-name and link your friends to the post. Your love should go in the comments for your post.

I give you, love_sphere

Please to be visiting and spreading the joy today and every day. ♥