February 9th, 2007


And I have this to add...

Wouldn't it have been great if, when I recc'd stuff in the past, I'd thought to, I dunno, use an LJ tag for that? To see, for instance, if I already recc'd a story in the past and I'm flailing about it all over again? Not that the author would mind, I'm sure.

What it boils down to is, tagging up front beats fishing through old posts to see what you should have tagged!

I worked at home today, and my son "sicked" at home unexpectedly. This means no exercise, Guitar Hero in the background for a bit that I am not playing *whimper*, and delayed finishing off of stuff until late in the afternoon and evening. BUT... I finally got my brain around what I hope will be the final proposal for a larger project. I've been trying to encompass that for the last 2-3 weeks, and I took a preliminary stab at it Wednesday and then had to fold in refinements from a counter-proposal. I personally think this new version is gold, but one of the other team members is of the type (I'm serious) that is "Yeah! Yeah, yeah,yeah, that!" "No wait, not that part." "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" "But I don't think we're ready to finalize this for the long term."

Honestly, at a meeting two weeks ago where he did exactly that I was fighting off both a reflexive eyeroll, and the urge to blurt out, "If you don't stop flip-flopping like that you're going to fall right off the table."

This is why things cannot always be driven to consensus. Gah!

Speaking of which.... anybody else but me watching the last two week's "Trading Spouses"? This stint could best be described as "Cream-Puff Lesbian trades places with She-Devil." The one woman is so tender-hearted, and she spent her week in a demon's nest of angry, hateful people. And persuaded them of the value of kindness. The other woman spewed one piece of ugliness after another everywhere she went, and proclaimed great unfairness in how she was treated and "not listened to" (do you suppose there was a reason why?). She shamed my home-state with her behavior, not to mention human beings as a species altogether.

At the end, Devil-Woman finally had an inkling that she might, in fact, be kind of an awful person (a revelation, I tell you). The miracle here was really the other Mom, who in a very short period of time made Devil-Woman feel that she had been heard, and rather than condemning her style with her family presented it as "Your family could use more love and kindess, and you need to help guide them in that"-- phrasing it as if Devil-Woman was of course capable of that and could offer that. I am simply in awe of that woman's people skills-- she broke through the denial and armor and was heard without seeming to lecture.

And of course, I am dying to know if in fact Devil-Woman was able to maintain that viewpoint and bring her family around to a place of anything less ugly than where they started. Where are the follow-up episodes? I ask you...