February 8th, 2007

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Supernatural Slash Fiction: There's No Afterglow For Something That Officially Never Happened

Barb (eighth_horizon) either coaxed me into writing this sequel to her gorgeous slash version of "Pillow Talk" or she was kidding, but either way… I was inspired.

Title: There's No Afterglow For Something That Officially Never Happened
Author: Halfshellvenus
Pairing: Sam/Dean (Wincest)
Rating: Hard R
Summary: The battle of not knowing when to shut up or let things go continues between Sam and Dean, and even if it's mostly Sam's fault, Dean still has to dig himself in deeper.
Also: anteka's birthday was this weekend, and she asked me to write her something yesterday as she was sick. I don't know if this is what she had in mind, but I hope it's not too sexed-up for her. :)
Author's Notes: I bow to eighth_horizon's work in general, and while I can't promise that this is in exactly the same spirit of her original I tried not to alter the spirit of her characterization. Much. This follow-on is less witty and more… well, it's basically porn, is what it is. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox, Barb! *smoochies*

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SN Lovers

Recs, and Reasons I Are Stupid Today

So, I stayed up WAY too late last night writing this sequel to eighth_horizon's fantastic Sam/Dean story, "Pillow Talk". Also worked on it this morning, and was late to work, but you know? It was thisClose to being finished, and I was dying to get it out there.

I haven't actually tried to write a sequel or different POV to anyone else's story, and it was a real challenge. My story wanted to keep veering off into porn, and it still needed to be a little oblique with the details to match the style of the original. Also, Barb's story has this lovely, sexy almost-innocence to the boys that I wanted to try to keep as much as I could. I kept going back and reading hers again and again to get that "feeling" back, and rewriting parts of mine to match the mood better. And yet, some parts just drift (not the least of which is that hers was wonderfully concise in language and description, and mine is wordy the way it often is). Hope she thinks the result is worthy, because it's a lot to offer, letting someone else riff off of your work. *is nervous*

Not too many people reading or posting today, which means my thick, slow head will mostly go unnoticed (except, sadly, at work). Nonetheless, I am sticking these recs out here for people to read:
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Happy reading, one and all!