January 3rd, 2007


I'm baaaaaaack!

We actually got back on Sunday afternoon, but it's been a flurry of unpacking, cleaning up from the Christmas frenzy, AAAAND.... purging! Yes, this is what it comes down to. Getting new stuff leads to the fervent desire to get rid of other stuff. Unfortunately, the "other" stuff belongs to our kids. We had to marshall a huge effort of them looking at all their toys and deciding what they could part with (IF I hadn't already spirited it away). This is always followed up by a certain amount of later reneging. And then there's the driving all over to donate the stuff to various places.

Christmas itself: Wonderful. My mother-in-law really enjoyed being with us Christmas Eve and day, the kids had a great time, and I finished Christopher's toy sleeping bag (for his animals) on time. Lauren's favorite present was the stuffed Badtz-Maru from Santa Thank you, ebay! and Christopher really loved his Morphinator (a remote-control SUV that changes shape). On New Year's Day, we made bugs with Christopher's Creepy Crawler oven. Both kids are very talented at making realistic and disgusting-looking bugs.

Christmas II in Oregon: Also great. An uneventful trip both ways (! So much better than last year), and we got to see the whole family in stages. My older sister and I did micro-running (I'm easing the feet back in), my younger sister is stalled out with an untreatable sinus-infection and a cold, and my older brother's family is great.

Highlight of above: my nephew has GUITAR HERO II, and he brought it. Oh, people. I am addicted. I beat his 16-year-old sister 3/3 on the "Easy" level, then moved up to "Medium" and had one stab at "Hard" (whoa. Too many notes!). My best score was 94% on "Heart-Shaped Box," and that included a 9-year-old niece bitching about what a lame song it was (I guess it doesn't compete with bubblegum pop) mainly because she wanted the guitar back. I now badly want one of these, and my husband definitely doesn't want 1) Playstation II or 2) Another hobby to eat up my time. (wonder why?) I have noticed that unless you hit the "note" button squarely on, it will "plink" and not count the note, and that's not so helpful unless you have big Man Hands.

Since the return, I'm getting the house in order this week and running pesky errands (post-Xmas supply shopping, donations, have to take the bike in for a tuneup today). There will be pruning outside (not the roses, though-- 85 plants, and I'm not wasting all my time off on that).

We watched "The Tall Guy" last night on video, and I always forget what a bizarrely funny movie that is. Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson (before she was famous, and the poor woman has to flash boobies and I feel bad for her). The best part is the fake musical, "Elephant!" It's wonderfully awful, and yet the tunes are terribly catchy. They're in my head now.

New Year's Resolutions (You knew this was coming)
Lose weight (I gained far too much this last year, partly due to staying up late writing and too much time on LJ)
Less time on LJ (surprise!)
Call seesters more often (especially the older one, who actually answers her phone)
Have more people over
Pick up the violin now and then
Do not space out any more hair appointments (there's one today. *kicks self* Remember?)

This week: finish photo projects, finish spn_christmas fic #2, clean up laundry-room artsy-craftsy pile of unfinished #$%!, clean storeroom, order doors for room conversion, prune stupid plants, wrest held mail back from post-office because "resume delivery" never seems to register with them.

Doesn't THAT sound exciting? :(

One fun one left: check out latest Plastic!Winchester Theatre episode! :D

Missed you all! Hope the Christmases were great, and for those who have a hard time during this part of the year, hugs and I'm glad it's over. ♥

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