November 21st, 2006


Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of Jaymi, known to most of us as witchofthedogs.

Jaymi, you are one of the most interesting and spirited people I’ve come across in many years! Your passion and compassion for people, animals and tragedies touch all of our lives and awareness.

I hope your birthday is rich in friends and love and that it is very, very merry. Most of all, I hope that the coming year realizes all the changes you've built toward so diligently in these last few months. ♥

In My Time Of Dying

How could I not have known that the title of that Supernatural episode was taken from a Led Zeppelin song? I need to hand over my "crotchety old-time heavy-metal" certificate. :(

I'm home painting, and I put 'Physical Graffiti' on, which I rarely listen to. Today, it was for Kashmir on Side 1. And then, three songs in... these guitar licks start up that make me want to lay my soul by the side of the road.

That guitar style is why I keep buying Ry Cooder albums, only to find out that they're more Country than Steel-Pedal Blues (which owns me as a sound).

Still not paying attention to the lyrics, which are immaterial compared to that insinuating, melancholy refrain...

Prison Break Authors: Is this your work?

Someone's plagiarized a ton of our stuff over in the jrockyaoi comm.

Check this link here for starters.

I see my 50-sentence Lincoln story, "Straight To Hell" (probably alazysod's piece slightly hacked, "The Seven Deadly Sins" (I think this is aeroport_art), "Angels With Blurred Faces" (Hi, liberateourtime), several of clex_monkie89's pieces she already knows about and some of mooyoo, and a longer chapter work that has GOT to be stolen from someone. Is it yours?

Please notify the comm and LiveJournal of your plagirized works.

And thanks to thelana for spotting these!