November 5th, 2006

Sam/Dean kiss

Supernatural Slash Drabbles: Parallel Deceptions

Title: Parallel Deceptions
Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Sam/Dean (Wincest)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Two one-sided Wincest drabbles on “Denial.” Longing and denial are a formula for angst.
Author’s Notes: Written for the lovely wenchpixie’s birthday. Hope she likes them. Also for supernatural100's "Denial" challenge.


These are the things Dean doesn’t notice about Sam.

When Sam’s tired, or worried about him, his voice gets deep. The vibrations invade Dean’s chest and spread on downward to embarrassing effect.

Sam’s freakin’ tall. The way he looms over Dean now makes him go all soft inside, and then he’s angry at himself for it later.

Sam’s not the lanky kid he was before college. Dean looks away when Sam changes clothes or finishes his shower.

And now that Sam’s back… Dean’s both restless and content.

But nothing’s different, Dean tells himself nightly.

If only he really believed it

Playing By The Rules
The sadness in Dean’s eyes cuts Sam’s heart, though Dean tries to hide it. Some childhood failure, or the way Dad left them. The aftermath never ends.

Dean can’t heal himself. He shoves things down and turns his back; he doesn’t let them rest.

Sam works the effects of his nightmares for Dean, because Dean comforts him and Sam can lean in close. He gives by taking, though he always wants more.

He longs to hold Dean tight, to love him whole… to kiss the loneliness gone.

He’d give Dean everything, now and always.

But he’s never allowed to try.

------- fin -------