October 26th, 2006


Six Little Words-- The Classics

I can't post these to the new sixlittlewords comm, because it's supposed to be fanfiction only. I discovered this after going on a mad tear in the comments of Maygra's lovely entry.

So for the rest of you (Hi, jules1013! Hi, deirdre_c! Hi, fourfreedoms!), I present some of The Classics:

Ahab's fate gleamed in deadly white.
Herman Melville

Romeo plucked Juliet's flower. Everybody died.
William Shakespeare

In moonlight, blood is beauty... death.
Bram Stoker

Daughters betray, blind fathers die broken.

Seasons, cycles clash and come again.

Man to insect, identity is lost.
Franz Kafka

Break me and yet I survive.
Nietsche Hee!

Giants weep at crushing fragile things.
John Steinbeck

The train approaches. Oh, Anna-- No!
Leo Tolstoy

A fearful world burns its knowledge.
Ray Bradbury

All right, I'll stop now. ;)
Sam & Dean Gen

Six Little Words-- Supernatural

Tiny stories, for sixlittlewords:

Season 1 and before
Mary's love is gone. Anger remains.

Sam loved them, but hated darkness.

Sam's sadness became lighter. Dean listened.

Don't leave me.
I won't... today.

Dean's tomorrow lies under forgotten promises.

Inside Sam's head, the future screams.

Blood fills the night.

Demons lie. But Dean believes them.

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