September 8th, 2006

Random Fandom

House Fanfic: Is That An Intubator In Your Pocket?

Title: Is That An Intubator In Your Pocket?
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: House/Wilson, Chase (Slash? Crack)
Disclaimer: Not mine, not ever.
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Summary: It could be flirting, or just an ordinary snark-filled conversation...
Author's Notes: For 60_minute_fics for the prompts of "Double Entendre" and "Euphemisms." And I just couldn't make myself write one for Sam and Dean-- Dean's euphemisms make me cringe. House, though? Is so aggressively obnoxious with them...


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Random Ramblings and a Gift

We're moving along with pbfic_exchange2. Thanks so much to mooyoo and wenchpixie for helping me get the fics copied over-- and there's a new one as well! I skimmed a few of the ones I hadn't read yet (yes, I'm delinquent), and just wow. We had so many good fics written for this Exchange. Please read ALL of them if you can, and share your comments.

But we're missing a few authors at the new comm (I've contacted them all, except maj_clementine who is on my f-list), and most importantly-- we are missing a fic for thekayla. If any of you wrote it-- or if there's a possibility anyone on your f-list wrote it-- please put out the word! I want to finish this puppy up! Thanks. :)

And gacked from foxxcub: a really incredibly Kirk/Spock vid. Hot, desperate, angry and full of longing. I kid you not-- it's good! *Sigh* The young Leonard Nimoy... he so rang my bell. Rrrowr. Still does. ;)

Like my new journal style?

I sure hope so. *Sigh*

In attempting to modify the style and colors of the journal for pbfic_exchange2, I backed up one link too many (to "work as user halfshellvenus" instead of "work as user pbfic_exchange2). So when I thought the style hadn't taken, I redid it and promptly nuked my OWN journal.

Gah! What a freakin' day.

It's taken me hours to get it workable again, mainly all those pesky color issues. I don't usually like the default colors (not a big fan of gray), and unfortunately "white" and various forms of "off-white" translate to either glare or Scream! on people's displays.

*thud* Kill me now.