August 20th, 2006


Back from the Internet-Free Zone of Vacation!

Finally back from vacation, or mostly anyway, but more unpacking to deal with plus first day of school tomorrow (new school for my son, and big transportation hassles) AND my son's birthday.

We had a wonderful time visiting family, except for the part about eating too much and my mother's seeming desire to stuff us at every turn. It's a relief to go to my sister's house, where there's no cooking other than what WE do.

I DID have Monster Cookies (alas, too many) and some good coffee (vendors and starbucks) and terrible coffee (my parents house. Yeesh. Worse than ever).
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I didn't do as much writing or reading as I'd hoped (very sleepy much of the time), but I did start a 5-part PB fic I've been meaning to write, finished another PB-Gen, and wrote most but not all of the "drabbles" I'd promised. Some ARE actual drabbles. And some are more like ficlets. Post will follow this week.

I see new friends have joined-- welcome! And I haven't forgotten my old friends-- ivy_x3, I still owe you a beta and I'm sorry it's taking so long. Still on my list unless you've given up on me.
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Hope you've all been good, and I'm trying to work through the f-list even now (because I'm compulsive and bull-headed that way). :D Nice to be back!