July 23rd, 2006

Sam & Dean Gen

Dear Brain, or whatever you call yourself these days...

I have some "Shadows"-based entries due by August 2 for super_summer, and an Oregon fic due by August 1 for spn_50states. So as the brain, whence all these things come, how could you be most helpful?

Generate new Prison Break plotbunnies for T-Bag (Thursday)
Generate new Prison Break plotbunnies for a humor piece (Saturday)
Dream up new Supernatural ideas that will satisfy neither deadline (ongoing)
Fixate on spider-infested front porch, decide it must be vacuumed rightNow in 100-degree shade (today)
Ooh, look-- a Sudoku puzzle! (daily)
Throw out more fun things for an Oregon fic than Sam and Dean could reasonably visit in a month (ongoing)
Settle down and focus on the actual tasks at hand (*taps foot* Still waiting... *frowns*)