July 14th, 2006

Sam & Dean Gen

Found: SPN Fic Title

UPDATE: Looks like I'm going with #4! But we'll have to wait for the story until later this weekend, because... camping! :0

Also, hoping for some language help from ivy_x3 on a small detail.

Thanks, everyone! :D


Helloooo f-list!

I have an upcoming SPN fic for the spn_50states challenge. It is set in Montana, and features Dean with a case of amnesia and Sam stuck in the role of stranger. Light Wincest. Some humor, some angst.

I'm weighing various titles for it, and this is where the voting (that means YOU) comes in:

1) Once Was Lost (I like this one a lot, partly because of its simplicity and relevance.)
2) Big Sky, Broken Spirit (good, or hokey? That's the question.)
3) Hunting The History Of Ourselves (catchy, but maybe kind of cold?)

4) Lost In The Sea Of Sky (poetic, theme-related, hints at Montana. But... too vague?)

Thoughts? Better ideas? *throws self on the floor in plea for perspective*


Of woMen and Mountains...

Off camping for the weekend-- offline until late Sunday most likely.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and tell me about it when I get back!

Wish us luck... the first night was a bitch-fest from the now-6-year-old. He was dying to go, but he does not deal with changes to his routine at ALL well. Every vacation features a few days of all-out bitching. *eye roll*

Hope to be getting some ideas out there that I will of course be unable to write, thereby driving myself insane. :0 :D