July 5th, 2006


The Fourth, and Other Ramblings

First, PB Fic Awards first-round voting closes at Midnight EST, July 7. That's two days, folks! So if you haven't submitted your votes to narrow down the nominees, please do so.

The Fourth of July was spent at my brother's house, as it is every year. There was much kidding around with one of their friends about OCD-ness, etc, even as my brother's wife was insistent on putting my purse in the hall closet (because-- stuff, lying around). Well, it's all fun and games until... DAMNIT! My purse is still in that closet, in a city an hour away from home. Grrrr.

The company and fireworks were fabulous, though, and there were three kinds of pie. Chocolate silk, blackberry and apple. Yes, I tried them all. Now I am remorseful. But hardly surprised.

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Meanwhile, on Season 4 of "The Shield," Glenn Close is kicking some ass. Yessss. :)