June 28th, 2006


Not Dead, and Other News

I've been lurking and writing offline, but little fic-posting (other than SPN and super-secret WIPs).

So first, I DID survive my Dad's 80th birthday, and all the flying to and from. He had a wonderful time, and so did everyone else.

Second... Happy Birthday to lissa_bear! Her birthday was yesterday, but since she's not here... I'm hoping that extra time will lead me to finish either of the two (eventually shiny) things that have potential to be good gifts for her.

Third... Cycle adventures are on the downswing. Though yesterday there was a dead skunk on the bikepath. Yes-- ON the bikepath. Not sure how that happened, but I'm betting whoever's responsible will be sorry for dayyyyyys to come. Also nearly hit a little fawn yesterday, but stopped in time. It scampered after its mother, skedaddle-skedaddle-splat! right in front of me before getting up and leaping off the path. It was so pathetic and cute, in its splat state. And the aftermath... oy. Let's just say I've got responsive adrenal glands. One-half second from "Aaaah!" to stopped, and then immediate flooding of adrenalin that feels like a fist in my heart. I choke on that stuff for a good 5 minutes afterward.

And fourth... will be in a separate post. ;) So there.