September 23rd, 2005

PB slash

Prison Break Fanfiction: Rescue and Revelations

Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Lincoln/Michael Incest/slash, very Alternate Universe. Mostly PWP.
Rating: R (for subject matter)
Spoilers: none
Author's Note: Title changed, and Chapter 1 slightly revised before adding next chapter.
Archive: ask first

Warnings: Incest and slash. DO NOT READ IF THIS OFFENDS YOU.
Disclaimers: I don’t own “Prison Break” or any of its characters. However, I do know a good thing when I see it. Mmmm…

Summary: Lincoln steps in for Michael, and gets more than he bargained for.

x-x-x-x-x Chapter 1: Saving Michael x-x-x-x-x
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