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What I Wrote in October And November

I was thisClose to getting this out in early November, and then... something. Work/life/something, and then it was practically Thanksgiving. October was busy-- Wincon AND my birthday-- and November I had Thanksgiving week off and was hardly able to get a lick of writing done (so frustrating!). However, there was still ficcage overall.

A boatload of Prison Break in this timeframe, thanks to pbficsurvivor's weekly challenges. But there was Supernatural as well...

Supernatural Gen:
Character Written In Blood (John, PG-13)— A man who won't die for something isn't fit to live. For Hell Quarterly.
Warning Signs (Dean, PG)— Angsty pre-Series drabble on "Hearing".
No Peace To Call His Own (Sam, PG)— Angsty S3 drabble on "Sight."
The Unopened Door (John, PG)— Drabble on "Skeletons in the closet."
Where There's No Room To Breathe (Dean, PG)— Angsty drabble on "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

Supernatural Slash:
Trick Or Treat (Sam/Dean NC-17)— Prankage and porn for spn_halloween.
Aftertaste (Sam/Dean, PG-13)— Pre-series drabble on "taste", and all the things Sam can't help remembering.
Overlooked (one-sided Wincest, PG-13)— Drabble on "Blind": Dean never even notices that Sam is waiting...

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Angels Rendered (Michael, PG)— S3 poem, for the poetry challenge at pbficsurvivor.
Spinning Your Wheels On The Open Road (Michael and Lincoln, PG)— All-dialogue humor fic for pbficsurvivor.
Facing The Truth (Lincoln, PG)— (S3) When Lincoln looks back on what he's done, all his failures confront him. (for pbficsurvivor)
Leverage (Mahone, PG-13)— Once, too long ago to remember, this was about his family. (for pbficsurvivor
An Inventory Of Holiday Success (Michael and Lincoln, Kid!Fic, PG) — Halloween fun for pamalax's birthday.
No Ease Or Absolution (Lincoln, PG-13)— S3 Angsty AU Deathfic for pbficsurvivor: what if Michael's escape from SONA didn't go as planned?
All Our Tomorrows Gathered Here (Michael/Sara, PG-13)— Romance/Drama for pbficsurvivor, hints of S3.
Salvation Never Comes (Young Michael, PG)— Pre-Series Angst, His ears are full of the sound of his own breathing as he listens for the footsteps he fears… (for pbficsurvivor)
By All These Lost Tomorrows (Kellerman, PG)— He didn't used to be that man... (for pbficsurvivor)
The Caged Bird Dreams (Lincoln, PG-13)— Early S1 ficlet on "Sight" for pbficsurvivor and prisonbreak100.
SONA, Arma, Muerto, Loco (PG-13)— The Crack is back! The beginning of Season 3 from an irredeemably rude perspective. Damn but it felt good to write Crackfic again.

Prison Break Slash:
Animal Attraction (Michael/Lincoln, NC-17)— "Paradise" universe PWP porn for tyrical's birthday.
In This Ever After (Michael/Lincoln, PG-13)— Cozy ficlet on "Fire" for pbficsurvivor and fanfic100.

Tags: monthly_fic_list

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