The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Emerging from the fic deluge...

So, there's been a lot of Prison Break fic lately, thanks to pbficsurvivor, and I've got 2/3 posted from last week (yes, there's another one coming), which *thanks the lucky stars and the immunity voters* bought me a ticket to the final round:

I'll be vying with the tenacious chanchito_z for the Michael!Barbie prize, and it will be something written from prompts people leave in the comments on this post. If you've got some plotbunny ideas, please head on over and help inspire us!

In other PB news, nominations end tomorrow, 11/16, for the Prison Break Slash Awards. Add your noms here-- lots of categories to choose from!

For Supernatural (which airs tonight!), if you've got plotbunny suggestions, you can leave them directly for me in the comments below. It's that mini_wrimo month, and the more ideas the better!

Mommage: It finally happened-- the "I have this project due tomorrow" announcement at 1-hour-to-bedtime. This was for a project on Neptune, which required something to show, and-- bow to my lameness and creativity!-- I made a 'Neptune' for Christopher using a balloon, several colors of blue markers (dark spots on planet) and some white-out (clouds). I could have flailed into a better effort, BUT... he'll never learn that way, so we went the tough-love-tempered-with-kindness route.

Football: Went to the Cal/WSU game a couple of weekends ago (night game!). The kids loved it, but I'm horrified to find that Christopher now knows more about football than I do, thanks to John Madden '07. Cal eventually won (thank goodness), and for a long time WSU's primary offense was its kicker. A nasty squib kick on EVERY kickoff, and 3 fields goals that were the only points until the 4th quarter for WSU. Christopher wants to send Cal's QB a letter on what to do better, which my husband thinks the guy would find hilarious. I'm thinking... not so much. :0

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