The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Finally, it's SPN day! \o/

Winding down in the aftermath of Halloween (reminder to self-- stay out of the kids' plastic pumpkins!), and looking forward to a new SPN. After I estimate the next year's coming medical expenses, because Open Enrollment ends tomorrow. Argh.

I have another late Birthday story to link you to, Five Times Jensen Or Jared Wore Costumes by miss_begonia, which is J-squared smexing and hotness and fun. Read it before it gets f-locked, folks! Thank you for the lovely present, Miss B! ♥

At work, the war with my computer continues. The laptop does not want to display via the shared keyboard/mouse/monitor deal I have going with the Linux workstation. There's been rebooting, disconnecting, re-connecting, and finally I took the laptop out of the docking station and rewired, which worked great until I got back from my bike ride. This was because *smacks self* although I plugged the power cable into the PC, it was not actually plugged into the power strip down below. The battery can only last so long...

mini_wrimo kicks off today, and I've already started my Mahone/cliffhanger fic for pbficsurvivor. Expect lots of drabbles and ficlets this month. :0

Cycling: Cattle stampede! \o/ And a bigger surprise-- one of the suburban fields I ride past constantly had a whopping herd of busy goats in it today. WTF? Maybe they're clearing off the weeds for later development. A little odd, though, since it's right in between a couple of housing developments.

Tags: cycling

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