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SPN 3x04-- A little yay and a lot of WTF?

So while there was fun to be had this week-- and lots of funny last week-- I'm still having mixed feelings about Season 3 so far...

1) I believe I've seem more T&A in these four episodes-- and I mean pushup-bra flaunted, too-- than in almost the whole of S1 or S2. And I don't like this trend. Female viewers watch the show too (maybe mostly female viewers), and I am so heartily sick of the male-demographic pandering that creeps into nearly every show I watch in this regard. Tell your story! If it's interesting, people will tune in! And the fact that "Two and a Half Men" makes it into the Nielsen Top 25 means that people are dumb and beyond comprehension at times, so stick with making a good show.

2) Are we going to see Bobby and Ruby in EVERY freaking episode? I like Bobby-- in fact, I love Bobby, but what's up with that? It's like Roadhouse 2.0 all over again. I'm really okay with the show being mostly Sam and Dean and the Adventure-Of-The-Week, especially if it's both of them and not mostly one character. The brother dynamic is the biggest part of the show to me, and at a minimum, I want that part to be satisfying, expecially most of the time. Not assy/isolated/absent week after week.

3) *Sigh* Continuity...

So I loved the funny of last week (poor Sam), and a lot of this week's episode. And yet I carp, because I must...

A) Demon dust: this is canon now? Why? What part of a being that roars around in a black cloud from point-to-point when not running a stolen body causes sulfur to be left behind? That makes no sense.

B) Devil's trap in the demon lair: how exactly did THAT get there by the time Dean followed the bartender back there? It's not like she'd put it on the floor herself, or like Dean knew where to go and beat her to getting there so he could draw it.

C) Demon in priest's body: first, telegraphed way too soon in the storyline. And second, who's been handling the holy water in the church for the last few weeks? And then there's the crucifix, not that the Kripke-verse has it affecting demons the way it traditionally has vampires, but still...

D) So all the other Hunters except Winchesters/Bobby/Gordon are total dumbasses or woefully inexperienced? And Gordon's disturbed, so he's halfway there? Gee, last season other hunters were a revelation! Now it turns out that Dean even knew one for quite awhile... but the guy was lame. Huh.

E) Dean doesn't have the exorcism rites memorized by now? Because why? Must the show make him appear that stupid?

I'd also like to NOT be reminded every single week that Dean is a pig when it comes to women. Maybe take a break from that for a few episodes, please? And show me some mutual devotion to Sam that involves something other than leaving him off somewhere by himself? Jared's movie aside, it's starting to affect the tone of the show.

Squee: put-upon Bobby (oh Jim Beaver, your non-verbal humor cracks me up), mortified-Sam, AND the fact that we get to see one of those times onscreen where the boys' assumptions prove terribly and embarrassingly wrong (they work with implied evidence half the time, after all). :D

Other than that, most of my squee was for the humor in last week's episode (the lost shoe! The self-combusting air-conditioner!).

CW and the people who run you... WTF are you doing to my show? :(

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