The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Pimpage and Blather

Reminder to everyone that signups for spn_rainyday end today. It's a new community for Supernatural stories, with authors writing to a minimum of 5000 words-- stories to curl up with and enjoy on a rainy day, just as the name says. Go check it out!

On the home front, our trip up to Apple Hill got waylaid because Lauren has a Girl Scout Campfire event to go to today, and it's from 3-5 (I could swear that sometimes it's scheduled later), and since her troop leaders dropped the ball on making 'swaps' for this, there isn't enough time to do all that and go out of town. Apple Hill is about 70-90 minutes away, depending on the traffic. *notes weather of 72-degrees and sunny* *cries*

My husband's laptop has gone into a death spiral, thanks to conflicts between Net Nanny and the software he uses to limit the kids' time on the computer. *sigh* We're going to have to get an expert to resurrect it. :( Nothing like Windows "restore," where they want to know WHAT O/S you want to restore... but won't show you the available choices. *eye roll*


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