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DoubleDrabble (Failed Supernatural100 "Pets" Challenge): Making Friends

Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Sam (Gen)
Rating: G

Author’s Notes: This was written for the supernatural100 Drabble challenge of “Pets,” but I just couldn’t bear to axe it down to 100 words. After refinement, this double-drabble resulted.


No matter the house or motel they stayed in, cats would come to Sam. He spoke to them gently, welcoming and stroking them, and left food for cats as homeless as he was. When he was little he gave them names, and they came to him—not for the sound of those unknown words, but for his coaxing tone and quiet ways, the reassurance of his touch. Cats loved him, trusted him, and in some deeper way they knew him.

Friends with dogs were the ones Sam liked to visit. He took his time, throwing sticks and Frisbees in the yard, talking to the dogs like an old friend. Dogs understood, no matter what you told them, and Sam had lots to say that his family never wanted to hear.

In Kankakee, there are murmurs outside the motel room door before Sam slips in and grabs his wallet.

“I need to run to the store,” he says, reaching for the car keys.

“Find someone outside?” Dean asks lightly. Sam’s blush is his answer, and they’ve been through this before.

“I think there’s some cat food in the car from last time,” Dean says softly.

Sam’s smile could blind the sun.

--------- fin ---------

A/N: Let's try again. supernatural100 Drabble challenge Take 2

Tags: drabbles, sn_gen

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