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Wincon Report-- long, rambly and full of name-dropping. Or something.

I arrived mid-day Friday, missing a chance to take the shuttle over with _sin_attract because her plane(s) had been delayed. I met maygra almost immediately on the way to my room (she is one fantastic hugger), and then also brynwulf, tjournal, tenaciousmetoo and maygra again in the elevator after I went back down to get a new room because somebody was still in the one they'd given me. :0

I paid a visit to the gym after unpacking—it was too early to register, and I figured I might not get another chance during the Con. I snuck around the entire outside of the building to try to get there without walking through the main lobby in my workout clothes. On the way back, I gave up—you can only really get in from the front. Urk.

After registering, I went in to watch the first two S3 episodes with the crowd. That probably was not the best way to start off the Con, because you can't really meet much of anyone in the dark! Also, several people have the lines to the episodes already memorized, and for awhile there I thought I might not be up to snuff in the fangirl department. This feeling faded, thank goodness. In the semi-dark, I met eponin10, winterlive, and scarlett_o. Got to see lots more of them all during the weekend!

I got a chance to say hello to _sin_attract when she finally arrived during the episode replay. Afterward, I met her friends who included black_regalia. All of them were sporting decorated name-badges, thanks to black_regalia's anime-style artistry, in several different themes that included girl!Sam and girl!Dean.

And right there at the table, clex_monkie89! Finally—2 years of Prison Break and Supernatural later! She was with namegoeshere and waterofthemoon (love that user-name), and had a new haircolor over the last pics I'd seen.

I also met taliesin, whom I spent lots of time with off and on. I enjoyed her thoughtful ideas about SPN, and her company. stephanometra explained the source of her fabulous shark-toothed babushka-doll icon that always cracks me up so much, and I met moveablehistory (my one and only encounter, sadly) and talked a little with miriad before the first panel started up.

First panel was "Minor characters," where we all talked about Ava, Ellen and Hendrickson. There might have been more, but a bunch of us bailed out for spoiler-ish discussions 20-minutes before the end. We speculated on when Ava turned evil, discussed whether we wanted Hendrickson to ever figure out that the Winchester boys were not evil or whether that would take all the fun out of his character. And we mourned that the CW clods are so hung up on demographics that we likely will not see enough Ellen this season. :(

missyjack spoke up during the panel (because how can you not know that the red-haired Aussie is missyjack?), so I immediately glommed onto her afterward. There was lots of missyjack time over three days, and it still wasn't enough!

The next panel was mythology, with interesting coverage of the various folkloric use in the SPN S1/S2 episodes and how well it was done. Turns out that the African-American and hoodoo folklore has been consistent and good (sparkymonster said she fell off the couch at how well "Crossroads Blues" did on this account), and that the whole panel was surprised at how close together "Wendigo" and "Skinwalker" aired, because the societal taboos that create both monsters are essentially the same even if the monsters are different. Most of what the show is using is American, and I personally would like to see some delving into more ancient ideas (Babylonian, Sumerian, etc.) and some Asian influence.

I'm pretty sure that it was after this that I met phouka_h, and then attempted to go to the Writing Porn panel. My porn-pal missyjack and I bailed out on that one after the hanky-code diversion, figuring that both of us were well-versed in writing porn anyway. ;) We instead went to the lounge and sat with esorlehcar and nymeria (sporting a notebook with a cover of things she hates, including Chad/Jensen, largely to tease esorlechar, who was hosting her during her trip over here). monster_of_hope was there (what a fabulous LJ-name), and txtequilanights joined us after awhile. It turns out that both esorlehcar and I have bought the Transylvanian "Vampire" wine, because who could resist that label? It has blood dripping from the V on it, and also, Transylvania! Doesn't taste that great, but still. \o/

After some great discussion and a mental blur spot, I met whosjeebus, and went off with her, rositimia, acuidquill, affectingly, and dove95 to dinner at Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. We may have convinced whosjeebus to watch "House" and "24" now— so she can squeeze more actual television in between her Role-Playing hobby. ;)

Then I braved The Roadhouse.

Wow. Very well-stocked bar, and a lot of people packed in there (the numbers came and went over the weekend). tittakv had Finnish liquor to offer (a blend of something like vodka and licorice, which I turned down and now regret because it was gone by Saturday). I met miss_begonia, and talked with her, winterlive, and nymeria again. Also tsuki_no_bara, who is extremely cute and I think also a Red Sox fan. mumbles11 joined us, and she is definitely a Red Sox fan. bunnymcfoo wandered by, who is the only person from my general area of the world, so yay! Then it was time for the Vid Show/Karaoke-fest.

I talked with nebt_het during that show, and she has many of the same generational music preferences as me (including skipping the giant gap between Led Zeppelin and grunge). gekizetsu was across the table, and I got to sign her autograph book (with my really terrible writing) but did not get to talk (shout) to her or maygra or destina at all. However, girlguidejones found me, and we were off for much of the rest of the weekend!

The Vid show was fantastic, and included the hilarious "Cheer Up, Emo Kid" (oh Sammy, your bitchfaces rock) and deirdre_c's "Things That Make You Go Hhhhmmm." destina's vid was very well-received, as was "Women's Work" and "Falling For The First Time." Sam/Dean kiss-manip—whoo! It still makes my heart skip.

Saturday— during the morning blur, I talked with some of the wonderful people I'd met on Friday. I got to spend some time with gekizetsu talking about RL stuff, which was probably our least cracktastic discussion over the weekend. Barb is both adorable and far more hilarious than her online self (now doesn't that tell you something?). Two panels, "Gen, Het and MarySue" (mostly about females in SPN fanfiction, very interesting) and "Winchesters, ethics and morality" (lots of discussion about John there, which didn't surprise me at all, though I didn't realize anyone actually thought he was batshit. Obsessed and conflicted, yes, but that's not the same as crazy to me. Even Gordon (who is much less stable than John) isn't actually crazy.

Lunch in between panels, with gigglingkat, huggenkiss, and laser_radiation, who are all on an spn_roadtrip together and having a fabulous time. Somehow, we wound up discussing crackFic. I do not know how that happens.

I visited The Roadhouse again, where I immediately lost missyjack when she offered to tend bar. I tried some variant on Purple Nurples, which tasted kind of good and were very potent. Some chatting with derryderrydown, black_regalia, _sin_attract and marishna, and the room went from lightly-packed to crowded and back several times, but I did get to meet wendy, azewewish, and phalballa (she and I lamented the fact that babyofthegroup had not come to the Con, darn it.) I went back to the bar lounge for some reason, probably out of a sense that either missyjack or gekizetsu would be there, inventing crack. Barb was definitely there, and the time-wasting was excellent.

Broke off generating crack to have dinner, with Barb, taliesin, destina, tenaciousmetoo, brynwulf, minotaurs and maygra. Could only talk to half the table, due to noise and distance. But no karaoke!

Afterwards, I met grayscaled while she was taking incriminating photos with Barb. Then a bunch of us went to the lounge and things got really cracktastic. We had gekizetsu, grayscaled, storydivagirl for awhile, taliesin, eponin10, scarlett_o, and mumbles11 (when the Red Sox game turned sour). I got to hear the epic story of cat vs. infinite pretzels all over the floor, and the source of the phrase "fuckjillion." Bandslash was discussed by 50% of the crowd while the rest of us wore our "Huh?" faces. Also, Barb likes to terrorize her neighbors… in a way that would make for a fine movie script idea, IMO.

Sunday morning I had breakfast with nymeria and esorlehcar (until they had to go to the airport), girlguidejones, destina, the lovely killabeez (fangirl swoon), rositimia, and lierdumoa (who is a Vid specialist, and has a Dean video in the works). We talked about Sam and Dean's parent/child dynamic quite a bit, and how that's reflected in psychological discourse on younger children being unintentionally held back from competence by older siblings who do too much for them (killabeez has a book on this). Also discussed vidding a little, which was great as I know zip about it.

More lounge time with Barb and the gang from the night before, joined by missyjack, winterlive, and ryuutchi (who had Japanese candy to share!). We enjoyed the win_non_con entries for this year, and got to see last year's winning entry by grayscaled's team. Check out part 10, the excellent response to "Who Is Chad Michael Murray?" I think he's more of a What than a Who there. :)

Had to pull my luggage out of the room next to The Roadhouse, but it gave me a chance to chat with poisontaster, so that was all good. She looks great. :)

After a late lunch (where maygra was present at the other end of the table, so I still didn't get a chance for a really good conversation), it was time to head to the airport. I got in an official Hello to mona1347 while waiting for the shuttle, and got to talk to sylvia_bond and amothea again briefly before having to run off. *sniffle*

However, like a surprise coda in a thriller movie, I wound up in the bathroom line behind unperfectwolf at the airport, and we chatted there. Hah!

It was a fabulous and exhausting trip, well worth the time and money, and I'm sorry it's over so soon. Great to meet you all, and those of you I didn't get a chance to meet (like gelasius)… I hope the chance will come another time. ♥

No, I don't have pictures up yet. My computer was not in the mood to activate the "Download pictures" function. I'll post them when I get them, unless I look like cr*p...

I did, however, update my Penguin Break CrackFic entry, since I mentioned it to a few people and I'm hoping they'll peek at it. Updates were because (do not mock my lack of graphic skills!) I'm a giant dork who finally realized that the "remove red eye" feature of Ulead has other uses...

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  • You Be The Judge

    No, really! You've probably seen me mention Idol before. That's LJ Idol, therealljidol— an online writing contest with story prompts…

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    ... because our son is having his "squad" of friends over for one of their epic slumber parties tonight. One friend is leaving to go to Mexico…

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