The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote in August and September

Got behind in the listings again (and my four story pages need updating too--argh!), and I hope you'll catch up on some of the things you missed! Two months at a glance, both fandoms and both genres, plus a little something extra. ;)

I have some Prison Break Gen that I actually wrote in September, but it wasn't posted until October (one's still pending!), so that'll be listed for next month…

Supernatural Gen:
Moonlight Ridge (PG)—My spn_50states story, this is snark and adventuring in the dust of south-central Oregon.
Becoming Legend (PG)—Post AHBL2 "Heroes" drabble: this is what Sam's prepared to do for Dean.
Back In The Saddle (PG)—Drabble on "Like riding a bike": hating it—running away from it-- doesn't mean you forget it.
Stir Crazy-- Wee!Chesters drabble on "Insanity" for janissa11's birthday.
Of Hollow Promises (PG)—Angsty "Resolutions" drabble for elanurel's birthday: Dean can't possible even know what he's promised until his resolve is tested.

Supernatural Slash:
How The World Comes Down To You (NC-17, Erotica)—Dean dreams of it on his tongue…
All The Strangeness Of Fate (NC-17, Angst, Schmoop)—My Sweet Charity story, a cursefic extravaganza: Sam needs everything Dean has to give. How far is Dean willing to go?
Nowhere But Here (R)—"Lazy Day" entry for schmoopfest. Light and delicious.
Where The Path Leads Back (PG-13) Drabble on "The Devil You Know" for obeetaybee's birthday.

Prison Break Slash:
The Language Of Cranes (PG-13): The sound where two brothers love beyond boundaries is an untranslatable secret.

Jensen/Jared RPS:
Endless Days of Simply Waiting To Be Yours (PG-13)—themed birthday fic for missyjack and moveablehistory: This cannot be who Jared's reading lines with…

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