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18 September 2007 @ 01:38 pm
Why do you make it so hard for me to love you?  
So, Season 3 of Prison Break premiered last night...

I want to love this show again. I really do. I was in breathless anticipation every Monday during Season 1, and spent a lot of Season 2 watching out of the corner of my eye to avoid being struck with the WTF head on.

So it's not just the continuing ridiculousness of the Michael/Sara and their story of one-true-love-despite-the-betrayal-and-the-fact-that-I-hardly-know-you. That's bad enough, and if they work Sarah Wayne Callies' pregnancy into the story as Michael/Sara's baby, I might seriously hurl from the preciousness. Urk. Please don't.

No, it's the "little" things. Like half the cast being in Sona prison now (ow! The WTF hit me right in the head!) Like Bellick even still being around. Or T-Bag, intriguing as I find him. It's Michael's "Oh-my-god, my innocence" stare which was classic in Season 1, but adds to the feeling of a big S1 repeat all over again.

It's LJ as Kim Bauer...

It's the continued Conspiracy BS, though they brought in pretty woman for the male viewers in Season 3 (I'm just guessing). For the female viewers, Wentworth is looking very pretty this season, Mahone had some damn fine hair going on (he looked edible), and for god knows what reason (contractual "Must not be sexier than Wentworth" obligations?), Lincoln's head and face are shaved again. Which makes him look like a big goober instead of a sexass, and I don't know what Dominic Purcell or the producers were thinking there.

It's the way Lincoln visits Michael through the bars of Sona, and doesn't even try to touch him, even his hands. It's like he's there because owes Michael something, but otherwise really doesn't care. Gah! Takes me back to that horrible scene on the ship in S2, where Michael's all beaten up and Lincoln is going, "Huh. Oh well, back to the plan."

The relationship between the brothers is the core emotional part of this show, and it's been fading since early S2.

I'll hang in there for awhile and hope (like I always do), but between the everyone-in-Sona, the conspiracy, the OMG Sara and LJ are kidnapped, I feel like I'm watching a soap opera instead of Prison Break. And I never did have much tolerance for those... :(

*heavy sigh*

Tell me something good.
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: PB Final Hughalfshellvenus on September 19th, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC)
Oh you kill me!!!!
Oh, god. Kim Bauer was just deadly-- one of the weakest parts of "24." I used to call her the "Perils of Pauline" character. I had this vision of the male audience watching and going, "Ooh, bouncy-bouncy boobies," and the female and/or discriminating audience going, "Die! Die-die-die-die-die! Or was that too psycho?" (*checks mirror for froth*)

Not that Marshall Altman is doing much anyway, but can you imagine your agent calling and saying, "Yeah, you're still in season 3. You'll be the Damsel in Distress." Yippee...

Honestly Michael and Linc might as well have been discussing who was going to put out the garbage, there was so little connection bw them.
Yes, exactly! It was killing me-- I found myself wanting Dominic to extend himself a little further there. Must Lincoln be such a lump at times like that? Show you care, you big moron. Have some emotional intensity, for crying out loud!

And you've no idea how much I was hoping that was Sara in the morgue!
I had a brief flicker of hope, and what I hate is that I actually like the character of Sara, I just don't like her with Michael (which makes her into a complete idiot). I want her to meet someone nice and stable and forget alll about him. But if the morgue is what it takes...

Also... chicken feet! Ewwwwww!