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Midweek, and already I'm pooped

I'm still in the weeklong training class, which is NOT slow fortunately-- but covers boatloads of material that is irrelevant to how we'll use the product. Hard to figure out what you need to know and what's noise. Hence, very little posting lately. Again.

I survived Lauren's slumber party last weekend. The lead-up was dreadful-- a cold, a sleepless night, PMS, and my son in one of his digging-in-the-heels moods and doing everything on "yell." Arggh. The cake turned out well, the girls had a good (if tiring) time, and Lauren loved it. She seems to have swept over the down points, like the girl who didn't bring a present and the other whose mom apparently picked out some random thing she ran across at the store. A year ago, this would have devastated Lauren because she would have taken it personally as "XX doesn't like me" instead of "XX's parents are jerks." People must forget that children's birthday parties are for children-- who have all the feelings of children. One year, a mom declined rather crassly with "Well, we've been to a lot of parties this summer." As opposed to, "Oh, I'm afraid we can't make it" (with the realization that her child was invited because Lauren liked her and it was important to 7-year-old Lauren, even if not to that mother).

I'll post cakeage from both kids' parties, but that'll have to wait. I'm on the office computer (training is done for the day. Whoo).

Sweet Charity continues, and for awhile there the bids on my beta services were running higher than on my fic offering! This does tend to make one doubt-- first, whether people like what you're writing, and second along the totally different lines of "Dear god, is someone planning to spring their first novel on me?!?"

Biking: I hit a squirrel this weekend. :( I was preoccupied, and I heard "skitter-skitter" and then "thwump-ump". It wasn't there when I came back, but I doubt it survived. The next day, though, two squirrels ran out in that exact same spot from different sides of the bike path and nearly went under the front tire. After the adrenaline wore off, I had a bad, bad "Darwinism in action" thought...***

Movie Update-- The Contract: Both my husband and I have a terrible weakness for both John Cusack and Morgan Freeman, Put them together in the same movie, and there is no chance we won't rent it, even if it looks iffy. This one was a B-grade flick, not too bad (picked up near the end). It was set in Washington, and I was confounded by the obvious granite and not volcanic mountain scenery, but it turned out to be filmed near Spokane. I'm not familiar with that part of Washington-- I know Enterprise (in Oregon, almost due south), which has the beautiful Wallowas and the incredible Eagle Cap Wilderness. Apparently, parts of that range crop up going further north. It looked more like Colorado, really, and then I went into utter confusion during the end credits because virtually all of the crew appears to be Eastern European (Russian, Croation, who knows?). But no, it was filmed in Washington. Why Bruce Beresford (who I believe is Australia) had an all-Eastern Bloc crew I really don't know. Seems odd!

My fic for the last Sweet Charity is heading toward the finish line, finally (the fourth story had legs). Now if only most of my writing weren't being done on it after 11:30 pm. I'm so sleep-deprived it isn't funny. Every morning my husband or the kids come to wake me up, and I wonder why and what day it is. :0

Almost forgot: the Jensen/Jared fic I posted last week is one comment away from crossing 100, which is a fairly big number for me. Will someone else read it and leave a comment? *bites nails in hope*

***Regarding the bike path squirrels, they lurk at the edges of the path in perfect safety for ages (often unseen), and then just as you approach they run across the path in front of your bike. It's maddening! We call them Suicidal Squirrels. :(

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