The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Endless Rain. Thank god for DVDs.

Because of endless rain here in the winter, I do a lot of my bicycling indoors on a trackstand. Thank goodness for kind friends who have loaned me DVD series over the years. I watched Nip/Tuck and Six Feet Under last winter. I bought Buffy, Seasons 1-5 to prepare for this year. A friend from work loaned me all 13 episodes of Wonderfalls. AND.... I bought Season 1 of Oz.

Embarassing True Fact:
About a year ago, we rented the Baz Luhrmann "Romeo and Juliet," because although it looked pretty iffy, we like Baz Luhrmann. While watching it, we were both thinking, "Damn! I didn't know Chris Rock had this kind of talent. He's amazing with the Shakespeare! And much better-looking than I remembered." Then the credits come, and it is all explained because that is NOT Chris Rock. It's Harold Perrineau, and frankly his Mercutio was the best thing about that movie. He totally sold that character and made him work in the modern setting-- effortlessly. He had the passion, the lyricism, and he made the Shakespearean language fold into the story as if were every bit as modern. Incredible.

The Sequel:
I've been hearing about "Oz" for years, dying to see it, even read some summaries and fanfiction. But our neighborhood video store, which has graced us non-cable viewers with prior seasons of "The Shield" and "Dead Like Me", and which even has "Queer as Folk" and (of course) "The L-Word", WILL NOT buy "Oz." I thought about joining NetFlix just for it.... but finally decided to buy at least the first season.

Lo and behold, in episode one: no-one told me that Harold Perrineau is the narrator for this series! Or even that it has a narrator, which I would not have guessed would be chosen for a show like this. So, off to a pleasing start already... and I'm 2 episodes in, with graphic murder already (eek!), and enjoying the really creepy dichotomy of the pleasant/evil style of Vern Schillinger, the Aryan racist, played by Cardigan-Psychologist from Law&Order Classic.

AND, I'm alternating it with "Wonderfalls". I really like the first 3-4 episodes I watched on TV before they yanked it and just kept repeating those few episodes. I am just a sucker for weird, and for moral dilemnas, and... I feel sadness coming that I am 2 episodes from the end of only 13. Wah! I love you, Jaye, and your freaky family. I heart your strange and captivated brother. I love the little animals that torment you. And I love the campy totem pole in the episode I watched yesterday, because that? Was quite unexpected.

So, I'll be biking indoors for all eternity it seems, and soon be joining the legions of "Oz" fans, I'm sure.

And Harold? You look even better with the longer-haired dreads. Just saying.
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