The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What Is And What Was Supposed To Be

So the 4-day weekend is over, and the matchup between plans vs. actual was vague, as usual.

We DID go to Marineworld (now "Discovery Kingdom") on Saturday, and I was dreading it for all kinds of reasons (we mainly go for the kids). In fact, it went well-- the crowds were very low, it was tolerably hot (Sacramento was 102, Vallejo about 92), and there were some new things the kids enjoyed. Plus, no harassment on bringing our own lunch in (they changed their policy to disallow that, which I REALLY HATE, and I hate even more the battle over why their overpriced deep-fried/fatty whatever does not constitute food that my family will eat).

Sunday and Monday were eaten up with little things, including bicycling (gah-- being on the bike path on a federal holiday is SO frustrating. The cluelessness abounds). BUT, the rug that needed trimming down to fit the dining room came back Friday, so we did get our dining room put back together and I can get into the sunroom again! Our photos have been held hostage in there since January (can't even remember where I am in printing off and putting in the photo books), and getting at movies/books has been a hassle. Eight. Months. :0

I didn't get to painting the back bathroom until about 5pm yesterday-- whipped through the prep for "spatter proofing," and then set to work on the bulk painting. By nearly 7pm, I had virtually all of the first coat on (other than the tricky area around the toilet, which will require removing the tank) thanks to the handy-dandy paint tool that is probably some K-Tel/Ronco product but really works. It's a rectangular plastic-mounted pad, and it really does get good coverage fairly quickly. Wow!

In other news... I'm hoping to do Sweet Charity again. I'll definitely open up the Beta skills, and perhaps separate out Supernatural and Prison Break as different fic options. But I'm going to wait on the latter until I've finished last round's fic, which is now gaining momentum! Whoo! This is attempt #4 on a story, and I've got one I can carry to the end with decent length. The others will probably become shorter stories that I post at some point. As luck would have it, my winner from last round is not picky and didn't have any specific prompts to request. However, that unfortunately worked against me-- that and the problem of writing longer stories. The Healing, Body and Soul I wrote in the Spring would probably have been a worthy candidate for her, but I just couldn't be sure (it was instead a birthday story for a lovely LJ friend). The story is deep and emotional, but is under 2000 words. *sigh* Those of you who knock out the 20K-30K stories boggle and impress me, truly.

Not biking today because... stupid rassa-frassa forest fire somewhere has blanketed the Valley with absolute crap. Now the smell is leaking into the building. Headache in the future, I'll bet. :(


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