The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Thursday already???

We had our "Office Olympics" celebration yesterday, in the 105F heat. :0

These events are fun and silly, where teams participate in various activities that often are not helped by any sort of athletic skill. They change from year to year; this time the activities included a shotput event (decorating a raw egg, packing it, and seeing how far you could throw it—with points deducted if the egg breaks), basketball (3 places to 'shoot' from, but the key phrasing is that the shooter's feet must not touch the other side of the shooting line. I was mosh-pitted toward the basket for dunking). There was more, and we all had fun despite the incredible heat.

Fortunately, no durian was involved this year! Durian is a fruit popular in Asia and other places, which—seriously—smells like rotten meat. Westerners ask themselves who the first person could have been to try durian, knowing that it might kill them if the smell lived up to the impression of toxicity. God, that stuff is evil.

After the heat, I showered for my hairdresser appointment. For years, all my haircuts were a Russian roulette event, because most hairdressers do not know how to cut curly hair. Then I found a guy who has curly hair and does a great job cutting it—yay! This was all good until my late 30s, when my hair got darker (too dark) and parts of it randomly became uncurly. We've dealt with the uncurly parts, but the color… suffice it to say that while I want mild highlights (via bleaching) to bring the red out in my auburn hair and lighten the color slightly, the hairdresser seems to think I want to be blond. We keep monkeying with the bleaching time and cutting it down, but the ultimate problem is that when he thinks it's perfect is when I think, "Gah!"

Yesterday's coloring did not go well. Hairdresser 1, Halfshell 0, and he sent me home with a rinse-in shampoo to dull down the brassiness. :(

On tonight's agenda: Back-to-school night at both schools (hey, that's smart. Nice scheduling).
This weekend: Since I secretly gathered old toys and donated them or threw them out on Monday, I didn't paint the back bathroom. Must.Do.It.

What's everyone else got planned?


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