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The Writing Meme-- Finally!

Here it is, finally: The Writing Meme Right down to the wire—I posted my last story of 2005 at Midnight. A total of 3 stories (including one chapterfic) were posted the last day of 2005.

PrisonBreak Genfic
Dialogues in Faith
Remembering Who We Used To Be
Dreams and Strategies
Butterfly Secrets
Love Is a Lecture
It Isn’t Because She Loves Him
Broken Toys
Why She Stays
Final Hours
Closer to the Inevitable
Who He Was
In Between The Plan
Things Michael Had Not Expected in Prison
Watching Football In the Pen

PrisonBreak Slash
Where It All Began
What Michael Wanted
The Arrangement (chapter series)
Rescue and Revelations

Supernatural Genfic
Back Road Adventure (chapter series)
In Search of Ordinary Dreams
It’s Sam
11 Drabbles:
Being Prepared
The Altar of Truth
Never Watch TV With Dean
Dreams Die Hard
Dreams Enough to Survive
Worth Holding Onto
Chasing Contentment

Supernatural Slash
Truths Spoken in Anger
Drabble: Some Things Never Change

That's 43 fics, 15 chapters! (And actually, all were written since about Sept 20, so just over 3 months).

My favorite story of this year: “Final Hours” (Prison Break fandom). This is the most emotional of my stories, obviously, and I think it goes the deepest into the core of who Lincoln and Michael are. We see them here at the hardest moment of their lives other than losing their mom, and we see some of who they were, and who they became.

My best story this year: By subgrouping, I pick “Who He Was” in PrisonBreak Genfic, “The Arrangement” series in PrisonBreak Slash, “Atonement” in Supernatural Genfic, and “Closure” in Supernatural Slash.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Hmmm. My readers tend to be good to me. The most underappreciated, relative to what I consider its quality to be, is probably “Gray.” It is a very short Prison Break piece from Michael’s POV, and the language and metaphors strike me as poetic and true. But it speaks to me more than to readers, obviously!

Most beloved by readers:(I added this category) Going on reviews alone, it’s either “The Arrangement” series, or “Closure.” Interestingly, these are both slash. Going on recs and word-of-mouth and variety of reviews, it’s probably “Who He Was,” but I’m guessing with that one.

Most fun story: “Back Road Adventure” (Supernatural Genfic), just barely squeaked into 2005 (posted by midnight, Dec. 31).

Most sexy story: The Arrangement, especially chapters 4 and 9 in the Prison Break fandom. “Closure” is slightly less sexy, but is in the Supernatural fandom.

Story with the single sexiest moment: The Arrangement, as above. Whoo. Hotness.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Did I write one of those? I guess “Things Michael Had Not Expected in Prison” is the most out-there of my works, in that it’s the most unlike anything else I’ve written for Prison Break.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: “Love is a Lecture,” which gave me a whole different view of LJ (Lincoln Jr.).

Hardest story to write: “Back Road Adventure”. I had to come up with a plot! And it’s full of dialogue. Those are both of my weak points.

Easiest story to write: “Final Hours.” It was not easy in terms of emotion (it hurt to write it), but the whole story just flowed. It was written in a single night, with only minor revisions afterward.

Biggest Disappointment: Nothing big for me-- if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t post it. I have only a minor disappointment, which is that “Truths Spoken in Anger” was supposed to be a lot more slashy. But it didn’t go there, and when I let it finish the way it was going, it worked itself out to its own conclusion. However, I haven’t given up yet. I’m still trying to write additional chapters for it to move it into the slashier direction.

Biggest Surprise: Either that I suggested the whole “Love is a Lecture” idea for someone else, and then wrote it myself in under 24 hours instead, or that I was persuaded to turn “The Arrangement” into a chapter series. No regrets about either one of those. Actually the fact that I started writing Drabbles (12 of them) is a big surprise, since I previous never liked or appreciated those. But Supernatural authors such as maygra and whipper have really altered my view of drabbles.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: I can’t come up with an entry for this. As a whole, the most telling thing is that I’m writing Brothercest and even I can’t believe I’m doing it. It has to come out of my love of The Pretty, and of annngst, because after all—it’s Brothercest (not even just regular slash). Aside from this, well, I try to write from the characters’ voices and not from my own. If it’s too much “my” voice, I’m doing something really wrong.

Most Untelling Story: (I added this category). I think that just based on “Dialogues in Faith” alone, most readers would not guess that I am agnostic. I think I wrote the chaplain’s POV, in terms of what he believes and how he tries to help others believe, pretty darn convincingly in that piece. I have great understanding of the meaning of faith for others, and what they believe—I just don’t happen to share any of that myself. Were you surprised to discover this?


Now I’d be interested to see what readers nominate for those categories, or any other comments they have. Anyone? Anyone?

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