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Back for real...

We got back from the big vacation last Wednesday, but had two days of birthday shopping party/invitation planning/mailing before going off camping for the weekend. I lurked a tiny bit, but mainly... not ready for prime time.

Reminder for the Prison Break Fanfic Awards: the nominations were extended through this Wednesday, 8/22, due to a system glitch. So if you haven't done your nominations yet (like me!), please do so, especially for the categories you know and love. Here's what's available (and you don't have to do them all):

Best Overall Work of Fan Fiction
Best Short Fic (1-6 chapters)
Best Long Fic (7 chapters or more)
Best Drabble/Ficlet
Best Series (min of 3 fic in a series)

Best Overall Author
Best Author of a General Fic
Best Author of a Slash Fic
Best Author of a Shipper Fic

Best Pre-escape Fic
Best Post-escape Fic
Best Alternate Universe Fic
Best Pre-series Fic
Best Post-episode Fic
Best Crossover Fic
Best Work in Progress

Best Angst Fic
Best Humor/Crack Fic
Best Fluff Fic
Best PWP/Smut Fic
Best Friendship Fic (include friendship)
Best Family Fic
Best General Fic
Best Slash Fic
Best Incest Fic

Couple Fic
Best Michael and Mahone Fic (slash)
Best Lincoln and Michael Fic (incest)
Best T-Bag Slash Fic (slash)
Best Michael and Sara (shipper)
Best Lincoln and Veronica (shipper)
Best Lincoln and Jane Fic (shipper)
Best Sara and Kellerman Fic (shipper)
Best Other Couple Fic (shipper)

Best Michael Fic
Best Lincoln Fic
Best T-Bag Fic
Best Sara Fic
Best Kellerman Fic
Best Mahone Fic
Best Other Character Fic
Best Villain (include name of fic and author)


Okay, onto the vacation ramblings (because I know you live for my blather).

We had a great time visiting my parents in Eugene and my two sisters in the Portland area. Not much goes on in Eugene, with my parents in their early 80s, though we hit the Lively Swim Center twice (indoor wave pool and slides and stuff) including on Lauren's birthday. Can't believe she's 10 already!

Portland featured a trip to Oaks Amusement Park with our kids and my sister's kids, and I really love that place. Affordable, lots of great rides, and parents who are not going on rides don't pay anything! Plus, reasonable concessions. After you've been put across the barrel at Marineworld or Sunsplash in California (big admission fee for everyone, no outside food, and $3.00 bottles of water), this is a huge relief. Some of us went to the Oregon Zoo (used to be the Portland Zoo) while others stayed at home and did nail polish and too much makeup. The zoo's Cascades exhibit is finished, with new additions of black bears, bobcats, and cougars. Really impressive. Also saw the naked mole rats because my niece still loves them, but I think they're icky. Not ugly-cute, just ugly.

I ran twice at Tryon Creek, a beatiful trail-laden State Park in Lake Oswego. Twice is a lot these days, as my feet are still recovering from plantar fasciitus. Also walked two days, and oh how I love that place. This is the first time in three years I've run there, owing to the foot problems. SO nice...

Hit the Saturday Market in downtown Portland, and on the way back to Eugene we stopped by Enchanted Forest. The kids are really too old for the early part of the place, and the cost of the rides is horrific, but they persuaded us one last time. It was a nice 'farewell' for me, at least-- we've had some good times there.

Ran into an identity theft problem with the credit card three days before the vacation was over-- no-one stole the card, they just lifted the info and tried to make Internet purchases with it. Based on the nearly $800 at Best Buy and the $500 at Game Stop, I'm guessing it was a teenager. Perhaps at the "jump" place we went to near Portland. :(

I did only a little writing (surprisingly little alone time, except late at night-- just like home-- when I'm half asleep. However, I did a lot of reading of various fictional novels, and many were really good:

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult: a thirteen year-old-girl, conceived for the purpose of saving her sister's life through cord-blood donation, is used for increasingly invasive donations until she sues for the right to her own body parts when pressed to give up a kidney. The most gripping story I've read in a long time, emotional and not at all what it first seems. Someone referred to this as "an excellent example of women's literature" which peeves me, because this is great storytelling period. 'Women's literature' my ass.
The River King by Alice Hoffman: atmospheric novel with a hint of mystery, beautiful setting and language. A great read, though the main female character comes off as more like twenty-one than fourteen (!).
The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd: Wonderful novel set in the South on the cusp of the Civil Rights Act. To tell more would spoil the story, but this one is definitely worth a read.
The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde: Finished this third novel in the Thursday Next series-- and checked out the fourth from the library. I've really enjoyed the whole series, and all the many inside jokes about books, writers, readers, and the English language itself.

I'll be posting up some drabbles, etc. soon, and I also need a quick beta of a drabble set (light Wincest) for the next Hell Quarterly edition. Betas are required, even though I rarely use them, so this is a formality more than anything. But I'd be grateful for a hand if someone wants to put their stamp of approval on them!

Anything important happen while I was gone, other that birthdays through the roof? I tried to peek back through my f-list, but it got to be too much. :(

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