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Prison Break Fan Fiction Awards-- Nomination Deadline approaching

The Prison Break Fanfic Awards nominations are coming to a close (August 15th deadline). I'm about to go on vacation, so this is my last chance to mention it!

One single nomination form per voter, and you don't have to nominate for every category-- take what you know and love, because only the top 8 nominated fics per category go into voting, and if you are an expert on all things Michael/Lincoln, or Humor/Crack, or Sara, or Kellerman or whatnot, then make sure your voice is heard!

Sometimes I feel almost at a disadvantage writing so many stories. For Slash or Incest, what would I want nominated, for instance? Packaged to Perfection was really good, but lots of people seem to like Crossing The Border too, or actually, I see that the read count is pretty high on both An Oasis Of Being and On Silver Sand, and there are a bunch of earlier stories as well. For Lincoln, or Michael, or both together, there are a TON of Gen stories. And there's Crack/Humor for various characters (Kellerman/would-be-Sara, penguinLincoln, plumbingDisasterMichael), fluff, angst, drama, even het.

It's almost easier if you write 6-10 stories a year-- the options for readers are a lot clearer then! Especially if you write big epic things, which I rarely do because... you know. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I do have at least one Lincoln/Sara nominee. Helloooo gatheringlight. :)


My husband directed me to this Michael Scofield Action Figure. :0

Why must this doll look so unlike Michael? It looks deranged, cross-eyed and constipated, with a face like a Cabbage Patch doll. Plus, the tattoo is NOT included on the doll.

Seriously, the fans themselves have done better. Look at these little gems here courtesy of pamalax (icons by mercurybard):

Attention to detail! First, Michael should be good-looking (even if in a vague Ken-doll way), and second, the tattoo is key! And not the watchcap. *thud*


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