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What I Wrote In June and July

Such a busy RL summer that I never got around to listing up June, so it's a twofer this time! And I wrote several Prison Break fics in July-- it had definitely been awhile...

Supernatural Gen:
Loose Talk (PG) Humor on why Dean can never seem to shut up.
Kept In The Dark (PG-13) Post-Croatoan angst, Sam wants answers he may not be prepared to hear.
Overkill (PG) Humorous drabble on "overkill," for obvious reasons.
Beyond Help (PG) Humor drabble on "Bull In A China Shop," featuring yet another place Sam can never take Dean.
In Dependence (PG) Angsty drabble on Dean's take on "independence."
But The Crowd Is Silent (PG) Angsty Sam drabble on "Pride."
Time Off (PG) Light-hearted drabble on "vacation."
Simple Things (PG) Angsty wee!Dean drabble on "Envy."
Player (PG) Angsty Dean drabble. Who you become isn't always even your own choice...
Stop Any Time Now, Please (PG) Drabble on "gluttony," featuring (of course) Dean.

Supernatural Slash:
In This Moment (PG-13) Follow-on to "Healing, Body And Soul": Sam and Dean feel their way through the year ahead.
Better Treat Me Right (NC-17) Sparring and schmoop for spn_heraea-- the taming of one Dean Winchester.
Healing, Body And Soul (PG-13) Post-S2 Finale angst and schmoop that will melt your fears away.
Insatiability (PG-13) Drabble on "Greed"-- Dean can't help himself from taking what he can get.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Shackled (PG-13) Michael's choices in saving his brother become the chains of his very soul.
To The End Of The Story (PG) Veronica (for lissa_bear): what love has cost...

Prison Break Slash:
Packaged To Perfection (NC-17) Michael's birthday, and what Lincoln's willing to do for it. Hotness!
Fighting The Current (PG-13) For the PB Fic Exchange: Michael can't escape his love for Lincoln, nor the way it holds him captive.
Listening With The Heart (PG-13) Post-Escape, Lincoln and Michael learn who to be with each other.

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