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01 August 2007 @ 12:28 pm
The absentia continues...  
I've got vacation coming up on Friday, and I've been scrambling at work and at home to get things squared away. This includes the spn_50states story that has been creeping and must be finished by tonight. Oy.

We thought we were going camping last weekend, until a Wednesday phone call announcing that my sister-in-law was getting married on Saturday as a prelude to adopting a baby. Whoo! So Saturday was the wedding, which was low key, emotional, and lovely. These two are made for each other-- just took the SIL awhile to see that, but it's all good now.

Sunday our family went to a water park. There's another one in town we've been to many times, which I know well. The kids enjoyed this other one a lot, and I enjoyed it less-- it makes my water issues more obvious. I hate water in the face, and I don't like being underwater at all. *koff* weenie *koff* This place has a bunch of rides that have steep drops (aww! Too much for my stomach now) and a LOT of conclusions that nearly drown you. I went on one twisty open slide about 6 times (at the kids' behest), and was thrown face-first through a wall of water at the end 50% of the time. Ugh. Another slide unexpectedly threw a dense spray of water in my face for the last 20 seconds or so, and I was not prepared for that. Makes me feel like I'm suffocating. Grrr. My husband won't go on much of anything-- if it's not his stomach (things that go in circles are torture for him) it's his fear of banging his head on stuff in enclosed spaces. The kids went on a lot of stuff alone, rode nearly everything fearlessly, and had a fabulous time. Which is what really matters. :)


Sometimes I hear of things that I really wish I'd seen personally. One was a Dread Zeppelin concert, where the review mentioned the lead singer Tortelvis performing his medley of "Heartbreaker/Heartbreak Hotel." Do you see the appeal?

Another, which I'm reminded of with the passing of film director Ingmar Bergman, was a short film spoof called Die Döve that a friend saw and reported to me back in college :

This is a fake Swedish movie, with fake-Swedish dialogue (more fake than the the Muppets' Swedish Chef) and subtitles that explain the dialogue (as if that was necessary-- try reading it out loud).

A man is approached by Death, who wears black robes and carries a scythe.
Death: Die termbe is a-cermbe. (The time has come)
Man: Neh! Erm a-still a-yernge. (No! I'm still young.)

The Man persuades Death to play him a game of tennis, where if the Man wins then Death will let him live. They play heatedly against a foggy gray backdrop until match-point, and Death is on the verge of winning when the Man draws back to smash the ball over the net. Suddenly, there is a *splat* right in the man's eye which causes him to miss the shot.
Man: Ö. Die döve... (Oh. The dove...)

Death wins and the Man dies.

I've never seen this mini-movie, but how could you forget a description like that? Especially if you've seen a classic Bergman film?

There IS a commercial that we did see years ago and still laugh about. It's a beer commercial that features two men standing in front of a video store monitor while their girlfriends look for movies. Playing on the instore monitor is a barely-lit black-and-white scene with an overly made-up woman saying, "Oh no-- it is the Sad Clown of Death!" The two men boggle at it cluelessly, as they should. That one's a Fellini spoof, and all these years later I still think it's gold. One single line is all you need! \o/

jeyhawk: mine: ames1010jeyhawk on August 1st, 2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
Seriously... We are looking towards the most depressing TV autumn ever. Lots can be said about our man Ingmar but he wasn't exactly uplifting. :0P

Congrats to the 60_minute_fics win. AWESOME! :0)
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Sam/Dean kisshalfshellvenus on August 2nd, 2007 12:00 am (UTC)
Depressing, but a legend!

I improved the fakiness of the above by cutting-and-pasting the Ö from elsewhere on the Web. "Word" doesn't have it, but LiveJournal is very forgiving! Now I have a Spanish tilde-n to fix...

Thanks for telling me about the 60_minute_fics win-- I was clueless! And congrats on your story too-- whee!

One of the things I do with that comm, since I can't write on their own time of 10-11pm EST, is that I write during MY 10-11 time (PST) and post it up after the hooplah period. You could do the same for regular weekly prompts, if you like. Isn't 10-11pm EST in the middle of your night? :0
The Good, The Bad and The Lanathelana on August 17th, 2007 04:20 pm (UTC)

Once you are back, may I supersecretly point you in the direction of this? http://thelana.livejournal.com/420430.html

(I think jewels also has a post on this in her journal that might be a bit more clear)

Giving, offering or just hanging out, whatever you have time for :)