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Movies and Fannish Things

First, check this out:

The new edition of the online Supernatural fiction 'zine, "Hell's Quarterly," is now available for download here.

I contributed a John story for this one, which was definitely different for me. The prompt pretty much demanded it. :)


♥ ♥ For those of you who love Sam/Dean or just Jensen/Jared, you must check out these manips by michaela3105. The middle one just zings right through me. G.U.H.


Saw Waitress in the theatre last night.

What a neat litle movie this was. A waitress (Keri Russell) whose pies are a incredible and whose life is a catastrophe struggles with being trapped in a marriage to the boorish and controlling Earl (Jeremy Sisto). She can't seem to escape him, or the low-level daily misery of her life. And in the meantime, she makes strange and wonderful pies like "Marshmallow Mermaid Pie", or "Falling In Love Pie."

The movie is funny, the secondary actors are terrific (Andy Griffith included, or to sum up my husband's response, "God I love coots!"). Plus, Nathan Fillion is in something other than a show on its way to being cancelled!

The sad part was spending the movie hoping that one of the sweet characters that just pulls you in was not the movie's writer/director, because she was murdered last Fall. Unfortunately, that's exactly who the director was. Her hopeful spirit shines right through this movie. *sigh*

I swear I will do a followup on my SPN poll of ages ago, but this weekend will be spent wrangling with my own Prison Break Fic Exchange story (and the nagging of everyone else!) and what is likely to be a total failure to have anything for the 60_minute_fics Anniversary Challenge. I've spent a month staring fruitlessly at two different songs for inspiration, and now have a third but... meh. Songs are the antithesis of writing inspiration for me. I know that's rare-- a lot of people thrive on them, and write songfic for heavens' sake! But for me, it is the Kiss of Death. :(

ETA: Finished the 60_minute_fics story and submitted it with one lean minute to spare. That pretty much thrashed me for the rest of the evening. *thud*

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