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28 June 2007 @ 10:56 am
Happy Birthday, kronette!  
I hope things are looking up from earlier this week, and that your birthday itself is wonderful (and not entirely taken up with your big home projects).

Much love and happy thoughts! ♥
Kronette: DA-acklesistehtasty thumb lickkronette on June 29th, 2007 01:50 am (UTC)
Thank you!

As annoyed by my coworkers at the constant birthday reminders (and my supposedly 22-going-on-12 years old coworker singing "867-5309" at me all day), I was happy at the fannish pressies I got. I booked my flight to California for September, and the friend I'm staying with out there bought us VIP tour tickets for Universal Studios. w00t! I even got a birthday wish from a local radio station, my realtor, my bank...sheesh. Plus, two restaurants had free birthday dinners. So, it's definitely looking better.

Also, got this little reminder:
Tomorrow June 28 is Jenny's birthday.
Hmm let's see-what can we give her. A sandwich with Jensen Ackles and Michael Weatherly?

I about swallowed my tongue, then thought through the pairings. I think "Smart" Alec needs to meet Tony DiNozzo. As those thoughts whirled around, I grinned like an idiot *g*

It's almost the weekend, and my time to do major (cleaning) damage to the bathroom. Go, me!!!