The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Not Enough Writing Time-- what else is new?

Or maybe it's that when the time is there, the muse is not. :0 Sound familiar?

We're a week away from posting up the next entries in Round 5 of the Prison Break Fic Exchange. Some new writers and some returning favorites, so this should be good. Have to finish my own story, hanging onto the elusive PB inspiration.

Weekend cycling: I passed a guy yesterday who wasn't going much slower than me, and about a mile later he passed me back and then I heard "Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!" from up ahead. That just cracked me up. :D

Little Children (Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jackie Earle Haley): We watched this last night, and I have mixed feelings about it. It got really good reviews, but the film has a narrator, and that part is really intrusive. It didn't merge into the story at all as it was done here, and undercuts the story's power. Also, the ending is one of those "all the character moments come together for a simutaneous denouement" which stretches the suspension of disbelief. I liked very much the moral dilemna shown in the contrast of people's hatred of the town child-molester and the man's very sweet and loving mother, who is hurt right along with him when that careless hatred swings too wide a net. The male lead is kind of bland-looking to me (he's about to be in another movie), and his character's passive-aggression becomes more obvious (and frustrating) as the story goes along. I liked him all the less because he had no excuse for his choices. The female lead's excuses weren't great, but were understandable. *Sigh* I'd hoped for more from this movie.

The Yard: (not the Prison Break one) I planted a few things yesterday (removing gravel/rocks again, as usual). and ripped apart bushes with my bare hands where I need to relandscape. That last part was very satisfying. ;) The bushes were quite brittle. However, digging up their roots system (and possibly some from one of the gigantic front-yard trees 50 feet away!) was a lot more work, and I'm not done yet.

Back to the salt mines, while the kids swim in the pool right next to me...

ETA: R.I.P, Snowball the Hamster (secretly Snowball III). You were sweet and adorable, and you will be missed. :(

Tags: cycling, movies

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