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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Olympics and Surfing (but not at the same time)

A reminder that if you're interested in the Angst vs. Schmoop SPN Olympics at spn_heraea, please to be reading and voting on stories in the comments!

Sadly, after the initial stories, there's been less voting-- lots of wonderful comments, but few votes (and authors writing for these Olympics can't vote, for obvious reasons).

I'm feeling grumbly because someone wandered through and hit my schmoop entry with a vote of 5.0 out of 10, which pisses me off. I haven't read any stories that I'd consider as low as a 5, although there was one that I just didn't get and didn't work for me, so I didn't leave a comment.

Now, the schmoop stories that were really more angst than schmoop? Oh yes— she loved those (don't we all!). But... if angst is your bias, you kind of have to temper that into your vote. Now I'm kind of wishing that the single lowest and highest votes would be tossed (like they used to do for Olympic figure-skating— heavens, the politics!). I.e., I can personally blow the vote off as a bizarre anomaly, but... it does drag the Team Schmoop average down, and that bugs me. Grrrr...

Onto a happier topic: we saw Surf's Up on Father's Day, and really enjoyed it.

Oh, mockumentaries, how I love you. :D Especially when you're unexpected.

The "archive footage" used in the exposition of the movie was fantastic— newsreal-like clips, pseudo-Japanese art, etc. The first 20 minutes or so was pretty much hilarious throughout, with some great moments from the more minor characters. The middle slowed considerably, but picked up near the end. Much better than we expected!

The animation quality was gorgeous. The ocean and waves were so realistic that it seemed as ifreal film footage was being used as a backdrop and then animated over. Just stunning. The feather texture on the penguins— the shift in light as the penguins went from dry to wet or wind-- was so authentic. Some of the "windy" scenes on the Island in general were like animated realism. I really don't need my animation to look that good, but it was incredible.

The "baby" penguins were my favorites— they were interviewed many times, and their little fuzzy bodies were just adorable.

My husband thinks someone should sell copies of the babies. Oddly enough, "Build-a-Bear" has several of the adult penguins, but none of the babies. Just like they have "Shrek" but no "Donkey." :0 Fools!

And in other news, we finished Season 5 of The Shield on DVD already. That's partly because it was 11 episodes and not 13! What happened there? Incredible season, nonetheless. Oh, Forrest Whitaker, what a talented guy you are...

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