The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Friday Facts...

Mockingbirds are apparently not subject to ideas like "nighttime." There was one going through his repertory last night at midnight outside my BR window. Thank goodness for earplugs! But in general (and no, I don't mean this seriously), I get slingshot-based urges when mockingbirds start their antics during the sleeping hours or when they attack the cats. Territorial little winged monsters...

Cat fountains: I used to think those "eternally flowing waterdish" gadgets were ridiculous and unnecessary. Then we acquired The Whale, aka Fat Baby aka Lightning. This particular cat believes that any water that is flowing is automatically better than still water. Therefore, fresh water in his water dish? Meh. Droplets moving down same-- oooh! Watering can in the breezeway with 3-day-old water that he has just knocked over? Yum-- it's moving! *headdesk*

I never thought I'd 1) Be keeping the toilet lid down for a cat, 2) Have to hide the watering can if it's full or 3) Be saying "Get out of the tub!" or (when I'm in the shower) "Go away!" to a pesky cat.

Last night's SPN repeat: I still love Andy, and still love "He sings it from his hair-- there's a difference." That last great line is undone by Dean later singing and flailing in the car, which just seems so horribly OOC and embarrasses me. Also, Andy's Evil Twin not!Andy still looks like Frodo The Hobbit to me...

New Amsterdam: I may have to watch this show, though I wonder if Highlander fans would tell me that it seems... familiar.

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