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02 June 2007 @ 12:57 pm
What I Wrote In May  
Practically on time this month! Not one of my more prolific months, sadly-- except for the SPN angst, which came out in spades (Thanks, Season 2 finale)

The starred** stories below are very good, and recommended.

Supernatural Gen:
**Still Holding On (PG, Angsty, S2 Finale Fic) Sam is bleeding, breaking, gone and yet Dean's still holding on…
**The Space Between (PG-13, Drama) Pre-Series, as Sam leaves for Stanford. It's not even an hour on the bus before Sam starts having doubts.
Finding Peace (PG, Drabble Set, Weechesters) John, Sam and Dean find "Serenity" in this gift for bluesister's birthday.
Not The Answer It Seems (PG, Drabble, Weechesters) Sam's POV: Angsty take on "Spilled Milk."
Practiced Cool (PG, Drabble) Dean's POV: "Fearless" challenge.
In The Bone (PG, Drabble) Dean's POV: "achilles heel" challenge.

Supernatural Slash:
Shifting Gears (NC-17, PWP, Drabble) An urgent moment of lust, written for athrosknot's birthday.
Harnessing The Hunt (PG-13, Drabble Set) Four post-hunt slashy interludes for girlmostlikely's birthday.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
**An Apology Like Listening (R, Drama, Het) Lincoln/Nika: more character-piece than anything, this is the anger of a woman scorned.
Brute Force Mechanics (PG, Humor) Lincoln and Michael all-dialogue fic: Lessons in the art of brotherly irritation.
Unchain My Heart (Prison Break/Bollywood Crossover Ficlet) (PG, Crack) for thelana
Certain Obligations (PG) TBag/Godzilla Crack ficlet for mercurybard.

Prison Break Slash:
Common Paths (PG-13) Michael/Mahone Ficlet for deadbeat_nymph.
After Hours (PG-13) Nika/Sara femmeslash for mercurybard.

The Sum Of All Bad Ideas (R) Jensen/Jared/Christian Kane 3-some for lissa_bear.