The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Feeling a little drained..

We're a week away from the end of May, and I'm madly doing Sweet Charity beta work on a J-squared BigBang story and have not yet started my Hell Quarterly fic-- both due end-of-month.

I'm enjoying the BigBang story a lot-- the beta work is just slow and takes a lot out of me-- and I do have an outline for the Hell Quarterly work. It's more the struggle to finish things that's driving me nuts.

Case in point: I'm several pages into two separate ideas for the Wincest Sweet Charity story that I owe to the lovely monotonygirl. It's getting one to take off that's more the problem-- probably because this needs to be a longer story, and those kill me. They're very daunting, especially when I know that's the goal.

My porn is struggling mightily. Other than a drabble set for girlmostlikely, my last porn was in April (another birthday fic), and getting the porn right now feels almost impossible. It's the plotty ones that are always harder, which is why there's been a lot of PWP SPN Slash lately. :(

Meanwhile, my Supernatural "Gen" muse has been going gangbusters, and I've written a lot of really good, angsty Gen lately... which not that many people are reading. *sigh*

I have 2 WIP SPN stories from 60_minute_fics, one of them Crackish, but they're a lower priority to finish due to those other deadlines.

And in the Prison Break world, very little is happening, and when it does... almost no-one is reading it. The Gen audience has shrunk so much that it's as if the fandom went all Michael/Sara since canon finally tilted that way. Now almost nobody wants to read anything but that. And the Michael and Lincoln muses have been very quiet (individually AND together) thanks to the evils of Season 2.

In Real Life, I want this wind storm to die down so I can bicycle outside again. Sacramento's springs, as I've said, are Wet or Windy or Scorch. :( I biked inside on Monday and watched more Season 4 Oz. Holy Luke Perry! What are you doing in Emerald City? And looking kind of hot with your long hair (I hate myself for even thinking that). The guest-stars are a never-ending surprise on this show. Randomly, Officer Claire Howell and her Borderline Personality Disorder give me stress.

Parents: Got a phone call last night. Seems my parents are bored at their medical conference, and are leaving early. So rather than visiting us Saturday, they're coming Thursday night at dinnertime, and my Dad says, "Just make sure you have something low-fat and low-sodium for me for dinner." After the weekly grocery-shopping has already been done. This is so typical... *sigh* It's better than the phone call some 15 years ago, which was "We're at the Donner Summit and we'll be at your place in two hours" left on the answering machine while we were in the shower. Because there's nothing like actually letting other people know your plans ahead of time, is there? I love my Dad, but his Narcicism makes me tired. Here's a conversation I had with my mom a few years back:

Mom: Your Dad's not so much self-centered as... self-focused.
Me: How is that actually different from self-centered, except that you like the sound of it better?

This gets even more ironic when you remember that my parents are both psychiatrists.


Another 24 ends, with explosions in the dark. \o/ The drama scenes at the end went surprisingly well for me. Now, who wonders if Chloe is pregnant? Or fated for major hospital time for a brain tumor or somesuch, in which case who will be Jack's mole? Because without Chloe, Jack couldn't break half the rules he does... ;

And on Lost tonight, I'd better be hearing good news about John Locke...

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