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Supernatural Gen Drabbles: Finding Peace

Title: Finding Peace
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: John, Sam, Dean (Gen, some Weechesterfic)
Rating: PG
Summary: Three "Serenity" drabbles for supernatural100.
Author's Notes: This is for bluesister's super-secret birthday round-about now. John and Weechesterfic, just for you. I hope your birthday was wonderful. :)


Rest (John)
In the one-bedroom rental over the garage where John's been working since June, the dishes will wait until tomorrow. It's already ten o'clock.

He put the boys to bed two hours ago, their hair still damp from the bath. He's been looking through newspaper clippings ever since, grouping articles in search of patterns or clues.

The sound of crickets steals through the windows in the cooling night air. Time to pull out the sofa.

He checks on the boys, their soft, sweet faces drawing him closer. Lying down alongside them, he holds them gently and just listens to them breathe…

Roanoke (Sam)
The summer when Sam is six, they're living in Virginia.

He and Dean climb trees and go to the creek to check for frogs. They make lunches in the morning and take them along, whole days spent in the sun.

Sam learns to ride a friend's bike in July, and Dean works through a book on knot-tying until he's memorized them all.

By late afternoon, they head back home to wait for Dad. Sitting on the porch, eating popsicles and scratching at bug bites, Sam watches the roses across the street sway in the breeze.

He could stay here forever.

Reflection (Dean, Season 1)
Sam's been back for five months— two seasons and twenty-four states.

They've hunted ghosts and ghouls, stayed in lots of ugly motels. The coffee goes from ashtray to acid, but sometimes there are Starbucks or local java spots. Dean's not picky.

A family of four still has a mother, thanks to their last job. They're heading to Cheyenne now on a tip from Dad, and they haven't seen Dad but at least he calls more often.

The mood in the car is quiet— peaceful and settled. Sam watches the highway and Dean watches Sam.

In this moment, life is good.

-------- fin --------

Tags: drabbles, john, my_fic, sn_gen, wee-winchesters
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