The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Watch Where You're Going...

Yesterday, on the bike path (yes, I said on): caterpillars (and flat-erpillars), baby turkeys (surprisingly cute!), rattlesnake (! I was on the "rattle" end of that one), and idiots: it's a two-way bikepath, not a double-wide path!

There will be gardening or painting today, or both. And jogging. Date? Gosh, the movie offerings in our area are lame.

Still thinking about the February "Men's Health" article I read at the gym: Ways to "Maximize" Your Impact (i.e., positions to make the male equipment seem bigger). Is this just guy-insecurity? Because I need exactly the opposite article. That one's like a "to avoid" list.

In a women's magazine, do you think the article would more likely be what I need, or something else like "Intercourse: Not The Be-All End-All Of Sex" ??

The Opposite Of Sex was the movie I bailed on last week. The main character is very homophobic and also sociopathic, so the humor doesn't work as well for me as it should. Right decision? Or am I missing a movie gem?

Tags: cycling
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