The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In April

It's almost mid-month in May, so of course, time to post this April list in the "prompt" way I usually do... Do you see all the birthday fics below? Do you? April was deadly!

Supernatural Gen:
And They Don't Even Call The Next Morning (PG-13): Mpreg adventure humor for clex_monkie89's birthday.
It Don't Come Easy (PG-13): Angsty post-"Heart" Dean story. All the rules are falling apart.
Taste The Toxic Rainbow (PG): Dean vs. Peeps Humor fic, for gekizetsu's birthday.
Like Breathing, Only Deadly (PG): Drabble for "Calm before the storm." Danger waits...
Second Chances (PG): Angsty drabble for "Resurrection" challenge. Sam wants a miracle...
Like Seasons Changing (PG): Three bittersweet "Spring" drabbles."
Around The Corner (PG): Drabble on John, for "Forest for the trees" challenge.

Supernatural Slash:
Shiver (NC-17): Sensuous, teasing and porntastic story for drvsilla's birthday.
Promises In The Dark (PG-13): For family_secret, the promise that Dean keeps hidden from Sam is the most dangerous one of all. Dedicated to the wonderful maygra.
Liquid Heat (NC-17): Shower Porn, for dawnstarrising.
Slash Haikus for wendy's challenge.

Prison Break Gen: Nope, not this month

Prison Break Slash:
On Silver Sand (Adult) Lincoln/Michael slash for certainthings's birthday.

J-Squared RPS:
A Smile Like Breathing (R) Jensen/Jared 50-sentences story, for pixel_0's birthday.

All this and Disneyland too!

Tags: monthly_fic_list

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