The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Happy Friday!

Yes, the irony of those words after last night's SPN...

Moving on, I have some questions for the f-list:

1) Who sent me the sweet virtual gift? I'm half-afraid that it's the lovely person I'm about to gift, who's having a really undeservedly hard time right now. I just ache for her. But whoever you are, Thank you so much. *is teary-eyed* ♥

2) Does anyone know of any slash Michael/Lincoln love-vids (Prison Break)? Someone who read my ship_manifesto essay asked about that, and I'm entirely out of touch with vidding for that fandom. In fact, I miss most of the fabulous SPN ones, and just this morning realized I'd misplaced my rec for the Sam/Dean one with the incredible simulated kisses (I think that's question #3 there).

3/4) My daughter needs a new bike. :( Unfortunately, what she really needs is a very lightweight 22" bike, and it appears that the market is Kids' Bikes up to 20", and then whammo-- adult bikes at 24" and up. She's very tall and leggy, and not very strong (she's only 9). Any suggestions as to brands?

5) Looks like we'll be buying a minivan soon, since the Honda repair shop told my husband last weekend that his '92 Accord is in the "limping along" stage now. Thoughts on 2006/2007 Honda/Toyota/Kia minivans, plz?

Pleasant surprises yesterday:
* I got a letter from an old friend who disappeared out of my life right after her mother died (terrible time for her) who wants to get back in touch. She's still on her feet, and that makes me happy.
* Christopher survived the Zoo field trip last night from 6-9pm, all the way through. I seriously thought he'd bail out around 8pm (his bedtime is at 7:30, and I'm not happy with the school on this particular issue). But he made it to the end, without fussing his way into oblivion. For him, this is a miracle.

Other pleadings: I belong to this wonderful writing community, 60_minute_fics, that meets every Friday night from 10-11pm EST (I write on my personal 10-11 PST instead, which is okay). Participation has been low lately, and I'd like to encourage some of you to apply for membership and give it a try. I don't always manage to get a story out, but I show up to try and the muse usually cooperates. Some of my best writing has started in the challenges for that comm. Check my tag listings (60_min_fics) to see what I mean.

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